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Chartered Foot Ferry

Would you like to leave your car on the mainland, and take a 45min boat ride directly to Rosario Resort’s Marina? Jump on board the Convergence’s privately-chartered Foot Ferry!  Be greeted by our hosts upon arrival in Anacortes, have a complimentary glass of champagne or juice, and buzz across the Salish Sea with 30 new friends to your weekend destination! 

Our 1st sailing to Rosario will be on  Friday morning at 9am. (with an 11am Conference Start). Departure sailings will be on Sunday afternoon at 4pm, to quickly get you to the mainland. Reserve your spot for this unique experience soon! It’s only $80/person (round trip) and there’s only 30 seats available.

  • You don’t have to wait in ferry lines or drive across the island, (saving you about 4hrs in travel time!)
  • Without driving capabilities on island, you are beholden to the Rosario Meal Plan or cooking in your room, and may have a +/-5 minute walk to the Conference Hall from your hotel room.
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