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About the Convergence

“Imaginal Cells” are the biological building blocks that transform a caterpillar into a butterfly. As the previous system undergoes metamorphosis in its chrysalis, a radically new blueprint emerges to create something more than the sum of its previous parts. We live in an era much like this. As human society undergoes its own metamorphosis, we get to play an integral part in how things unfold. 

Creative breakthroughs in science and culture are waking us up to the wonder of life on Earth, the absolute magic of the Cosmos, and the fathoms of awareness within. We have the opportunity now to share this with each other and the world, living into new & ancient ways of being that transcend all previously-held social constructs.

The Imagine Convergence is a container to experiment with exactly this. We’re gathering at a place off the map, during a time out of time, with like-hearted-minds to explore (r)evolutionary concepts and ways of being. Our intention is to leave the Convergence feeling more connected, more healthy, more hopeful, and better resourced to continue engaging the most important issues of our time.

“The time is now. The movement is here.” ~Winona Laduke

About the Team

The Imagine Convergence has been a dream of Darin Leong’s for many years. Raised for part of his life in SE Asia and having traveled to many countries, he experienced the dire situation that many endure, and has strived ever since to bring understanding and unity to people through transformational convenings of all kinds. 

The Imagine Production Team has been working toward cultural evolution for many years through a wide diversity of events. Balancing a healthy mix of connection, content, creativity and celebration, we weave containers that draw the very best out of participants’ hearts & minds, in service of a world that works for all.

During 4 years producing the highly-successful Imagine Music & Arts Festival, many conversations were had with workshop presenters about blending festival and conference containers into a gathering like nobody’d seen before. A robust team has formed around this idea, and we are excited to bring this Convergence into being! Our producers, facilitators, mentors, presenters, hospitality team, visual artists, and media team are ALL of the highest caliber, and we look forward to serving you over the Spring Equinox!

Darin Leong | Co-Producer

Motivated by a dream for a better world Darin has spent many years coordinating and producing events. With over 2 decades of event production under his belt he has produced a range of gatherings from large concerts and festivals to conferences and acoustic concerts. He is currently the Producer of the Imagine Music & Arts Festival and Production Manager for The Compass at Lightning in a Bottle which brings  high end presenters, activist organizations and world class performance to a huge west coast music festival. With a passion for travel he has explored many places always with a desire to learn more about the human condition.

Ben Browner | Co-Producer

A long-time facilitator, Ben is designing our weekend’s flow and leading our Hosting Team, with deep mentorship from some world-class process artists. Lead producer of the Revival Project, Ben brings a keen eye to complex social process and emergence-based connection practices. Co-producer and Workshop Curator of the Imagine Festival, he’s making sure that Convergence presenters weave a rich tapestry of both expertise and counter-culture radicality. Ben currently lives in Bellingham WA, where the Northern Cascades propel his daily awe, and each dip in the Nooksack River expands his utter gratitude for the Miracle of Life.

Katie Gray | Co-Producer

Katie Gray is a singer, inspirational speaker and intuitive counselor devoted to helping people connect with feeling, presence and heart. Musically, she has collaborated and/or shared the stage with artists such as: Band of Horses, Ani Difranco, Nightmares on Wax, The Polish Ambassador, The Burned, Elephant Revival, Random Rab and more. In support of One Billion Rising, she recently joined Eve Ensler for a tour of India, speaking and singing out against violence towards women. Katie is currently writing a book, and bringing her deep life experience into the design of the Imagine Convergence and other impactful events.

Mieka Neenan | House Manager

As a Speaker Coach for TEDxOrcasIsland, House Manager for the Imagine Music & Arts Festival and an integral member of the Orcas Island Film Festival, Mieka brings a vast array of skills and experience to the Convergence Team. Born an Aussie, and living on Orcas since 2001, Mieka is one of the most loved members of this island community, and can often be found helping people in need. When she isn’t corralling volunteers or leading event management, Mieka is very passionate about Death & Dying with Dignity, and has been offering care and counseling to those in later-stage-life / hospice for many years.